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"We believe in doing things right first time, every time!"

Giving Back



The Environment

Consideration for our environment is pivotal in our daily operations and will continue to remain an integral part of our future strategies. Print Works is committed to environmental awareness and preservation.


We’re committed to leading the charge and setting the benchmark. That’s why we’ve developed our own benchmark environmental brand Eco-Care. Through our Eco-Care operating guidelines, we practice a strong commitment to recycling all surplus materials including paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic. We only use vegetable based inks and other practices are in place throughout our facilities to save energy and water.


Print Works is firm in its commitment that sustainability delivers not only environmental benefits but also delivers operational excellence. We believe that if we take pride in what we do today, it will ensure the future looks even brighter.



Colourful Careers

Colourful Careers is a partnership program between Print Works and local high schools. The program introduces senior students to the world of print and graphic arts via school based apprenticeships.


Colourful Careers is an exceptional opportunity for senior school students to challenge themselves in a supportive environment, while providing them with the tools they need to build a career. The program offers students financial, educational and job stability, as well as the prospect of career advancement following their apprenticeship. 


Each apprenticeship is a four-year period where students specialise in one of three stages of the print production:

  • Graphic Prepress

  • Print Machining 

  • Post Press Print Finishing


Print Works is proud to support school-based apprenticeships.  Colourful Careers aims to raise the next generation of print specialists, ensuring the future of the industry is in the hands of younger leaders and manufacturers.


If you’d like to learn more about our Colourful Careers program phone: 07 3865 4433 or email:


We’re proud to be one of Queensland’s largest employers of apprentices in the Graphic Arts industry showing our on-going commitment and investment into the future of Brisbane print communications. Our state of the art technology and superior training methods ensure our staff are, at all times, the pinnacle of their profession.

If you’d like to join the Print Works team, email your resume to and we will contact you when a position becomes available.


We think it’s vital we give back to the community in which we work, so Print Works directly supports a number of organisations in various ways of support:

Schools Plus Nundah - Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

We’re proud to support School Plus Nundah - Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) with recycled paper. This is a great win-win for everyone. As an environmentally conscious company, we're able to reduce our waste whilst having the opportunity to give kids the materials they need to enjoy arts and crafts.

Samford and Districts Rugby League Club

The Samford Stags (as they’re known) is a great club with over 200 junior players in teams from Under 6 through to Under 16.


The Stags are a key part of the Samford community. The moral and comradery from the community towards their local football team is amazing. Each game day, the locals come out in droves to support their team. They get such a crowd, that game day attendance is often in the 100s. It’s a fantastic, vibrant and growing football club and we’re proud to support their future.

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